0.5mm-1.5mm Watermelon Red Crushed Glass For Terrazzo And Concrete

0.5mm-1.5mm Watermelon Red Crushed Glass For Terrazzo And Concrete

0.5mm-1.5mm Watermelon Red Crushed Glass For Terrazzo And Concrete

Product Details

Material:Recycled Glass

Color: Watermelon Red

Size:,0.5-1.5mm,  1-3mm,3-6mm,6-9mm.other size is available as per requirement



Advantage:Very dry, clean, no impurity

Application:Terrazzo,floor design.

Certificate:ISO 9001:2008

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1.Q: What is the difference between "terrazzo" and "landscape" glass?

A: Size. Terrazzo glass and landscape glass are the same glass, just in different sizes. The smaller glass is called "terrazzo" simply because it‘s commonly used in terrazzo floors, terrazzo concrete countertops, terrazzo tiles, and the like. The larger glass is called "landscape" simply because it‘s most commonly used as tumbled landscape glass mulch, as groundcover, as water feature accents, and the like. You‘re free to use terrazzo and landscape glass in any application you deem appropriate. Fire pit users frequently use landscape glass size small and medium . Aquarium users use terrazzo glass as a gravel replacement and the landscape rocks as accents. Mix and match.

2.Q: Can I get some samples in advance of an order?

A: Absolutely. However, we will charge the sample fee as required, but if you place an order, we will deduct the sample fee in the total amount of the order.

3.Q: How do you package and ship the glass?

A: We mostly package in 50 lb bags. Alternatively, we package in 10 lb and 25 lb bags. The pricing varies by packaging. Can also be customized.

4.Q: What are the suggested uses for the glass?

A: Terrazzo floors, decorative concrete, concrete counter tops, terrazzo wall panels, tilt-up wall panels, decorative concrete walls, terrazzo tiles, pavers, tiles, paver sand, ashtray sand, landscaping mulch, garden glass, garden paths, garden accents, zen gardens, xeriscaping, "zero scaping", stepping stones, rock gardens, water features, fountains, aquarium decor, aquarium gravel, aquarium accents, swimming pool plastering, non-skid decks, glassphalts, floral arrangements, wedding centerpieces, table center pieces, window displays, merchandise, displays, fire places, fire pits, fire glass, decorative gravel, ballast roof, green roof.

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