China Suppliers Tempered Double Glazing Insulated Glass

China Suppliers Tempered Double Glazing Insulated Glass

insulated glass/insulating glass sheet/hollow glass/vacuum glass/double glazing insulated glass

Product Details

double glazing insulated glass, also known as IGU, is mainly used in buildings requiring heating, air conditioning, noise prevention or condensation, and the need for no direct sunlight and special light. Widely used in residential, hotels, hotels, office buildings, schools, hospitals, shops and other indoor air-conditioning needs occasions. It can also be used for doors and windows of trains, automobiles, ships, refrigerated cabinets, etc.

Insulating glass features:

1). Optical properties of visible LT 10% -80% and LR

13% -35% depending on the glass panes

2). Thermal properties of insulating glass can reduce the U value, especially when filled with inert gas

3). Noise insulation glass can reduce noise,

With laminated glass, traffic noise of 80 dB may be as low as 45 dB

4). Anti-condensation desiccant to keep dry

Interval and resist the formation of dew

Insulating glass is mainly used for outer glass decoration.

insulated glass (1)

insulated glass (2)

insulated glass (3)

insulated glass (5)


5+9A+5mm; 6+12A+6mm; 6+16A+6mm;   8+12A+8mm; 8+16A+8mm; etc


Minimum Size


Maximum Size


Type of Sheet Glass


Packing Details

(1)Interlay paper or plastic between   two sheets;

(2)Seaworthy wooden crates;

(3) Iron belt for consolidation.


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