What Are The Production Lines Of Shahe Glass Enterprises?

- Sep 10, 2018 -

According to statistics, up to now, Shahe has 29 production lines (excluding Xinli Line and Yuanhua Line 2, which have been shut down in recent days). According to Xingtai Environmental Protection Bureau's "Comprehensive Atmospheric Control Program 2018", unlicensed enterprises are required to stop production immediately. Certified enterprises have 15% annual production requirements, and enterprises such as Xinxin and Dejin have been shut down for production within the specified time limit respectively. Knowledge began to be implemented 15 days later.

Xinli: 4 lines, 3 lines without discharge permit, 8.14 discharge one, the other two follow-up production is more likely to stop.

Welcome: 3 in production, two or three line is required to stop production, plan 20 release. The four line is high and white.

Dejin: 7 lines, 4 in production, this request Hongsheng line (200 tons) stop production, but this line has been released in late April this year.

Wah Yuen: the 2 line is in production, and the second line is released in August 17th.

Safety: in the production of 6, there is no production plan in the late stage.

The Great Wall: in the production of 5, the latter no production plan.

Zhengda: in the production of 6, there is no stop production plan.

Haisheng: in the production of 6, no production plan

Xin Lei: in the production of 6, there is no stop production plan.

The planned shutdown of these lines would mean a reduction of 6-7 production lines, plus a 15 per cent production limit for licensed enterprises, and a reduction of 35-40 per cent or more in the overall capacity of the Shahe area.

Since November 10, 2017, nine float glass production lines have been shut down in Shahe area due to environmental problems, construction without approval, and inconsistent with approval. Most of the enterprises have actively reformed and resumed production in the following year. But this year, we began to rectify and stop production in August 15th this year. It can be seen that the administrative supervision and implementation of environmental protection has been further strengthened this year. It is not ruled out that enterprises in other areas of the glass industry will also be required to limit production.

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