What Are The Cleaning Methods For The Glass Roof Of A Sunshine House?

- Jan 08, 2019 -

What are the cleaning methods for the glass roof of a sunshine house?

In modern society, sunshine houses are more and more popular. Many families adopt glass materials to make sunshine roofs in decoration. Because sunshine roofs made of glass have good lighting, which makes the whole home style bright and pure, and also makes people feel the high-end and dazzling visual effect. But the sunshine roofs made of glass materials also have the trouble of cleaning. Sunshine roof glass, although it has many advantages, is also a dirty product, so what should we do in terms of cleaning? 


The first is to wipe the dry cloth up and down on the windows and remove the excess stains.

The second method is to pour detergent into clean water, stir it evenly, and then wipe it.

The third kind: you can prepare a spray bottle, spray, wipe the windows and remove the stains.

Fourth kind: Pour a little shampoo into the basin, mix it evenly, dip it in a rag and gently scrub the glass door, which can make the glass door particularly clean and bright. For the old dirt accumulated in the corner of the glass door, when cleaning, mix it with half cool and half water, put it in the spray pot, spray it on the glass, and then wipe it gently with the old newspaper.

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