What Are The Advantages Of Tempered Glass Panel And Stainless Steel Panel?

- Jan 31, 2019 -

What are the advantages of tempered glass panel and stainless steel panel?

With the development of high technology, more and more electrical appliances are coming into the market. Electrical appliances have now become one of the essential household products in our family life. Electrical appliances of various materials also have different characteristics. Nowadays, there are many products of different materials in the market, among them, stoves made of tempered glass panels and stoves made of stainless steel panels. Especially prominent, so today we will come together to understand the strengths of tempered glass panels and stainless steel panels.

In terms of security:

1. Glass panels: Toughened glass panels are comparable to stainless steel panels in all aspects. The fundamental reason for the explosion that users are worried about is the improper use of them. Toughened glass is a new kind of material, many consumers do not know about it. In use, as long as the impurities and carbon deposits on the cooker ring are cleaned regularly, in order to avoid the fire hole blockage causing tempering. On weekdays, we should do a good job of cleaning and maintenance of the panel, not impact the stove surface by gravity, try to avoid overheating or sudden cold of the stove surface. These can avoid panel explosion if we pay attention to them in common use.

2. Stainless steel panel: It is well known that the temperature near the stove head will be very high when the gas stove works. The stainless steel used in the gas stove panel has made a lot of efforts in heat conduction. Even if the gas stove works for a long time, the temperature of many parts of the panel is as normal. In terms of heat resistance, the user can place the very hot pot on the panel at will without worrying about the panel's problems. Strength is also good at stainless steel, do not worry about the panel will have any problems.

In terms of cleanliness:

1. Toughened glass: The face plate is similar to stainless steel face plate in cleanliness. Dip a wet cloth directly into a cleaner to remove the grease stain on the surface. And toughened glass after wiping, although it will leave a watermarking, but with the background color of the panel, the look is not very obvious, will not affect the overall beauty. Cleaning is more convenient than stainless steel panels.

2. Stainless steel panel: It is very convenient in cleaning. After using it, a little cleaner can be dipped into the wet cloth directly to remove the oil stain. However, it should be noted that the washcloth with water will leave water stains on the stainless steel panel after wiping and will affect the beauty. After wiping, it is better to wipe it again with a dry cloth, so that the effect will be very good.



Above is about the advantages of toughened glass panel and stainless steel panel. Although the materials of the two panels are different and the cleaning methods are different, their respective characteristics are unique. They play their own advantages and uses in different fields. On one hand, toughened glass panel is a step ahead, and it is also better in stoves, so users. According to the function and demand, we can make the right purchase method. I hope that the above knowledge will be helpful to you all! 

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