What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Glass Crafts

- Jun 01, 2017 -

Glass crafts have the following characteristics: Led glass bulb, led glass shell, led reflector shade, glass cover, led shade: 1, with high transmittance, high diffusion, no glare, no light and shadow; 2, the light source concealment is very good (effective adjustment of diffusion rate and transmittance rate, under the premise of not seeing the light bead, the transmittance reaches maximum, 3, the transmittance reaches 90%, 4, has the high fire resistance, 5, has the high impact strength; 6, suitable for the use of LED bulbs; The realization of the point light emitting light to the spherical glow. 8, glass lampshade fragile, but the effect of light transmission is very good! The United States Department of Energy released LED light source lamps of the standard final version of the star and the United States UL certification, security is very stringent requirements; then the LED glass lamp shade careless fall prone to breakage and the occurrence of electric shock problems, security can not be guaranteed to pass the certification. Light efficiency problem is very strict, then choose a high transmittance of the lampshade is the inevitable choice, but also to prevent the glare problem, so see the light source (that is, spot) is a very important requirement. 1, transparent PC plus frosted lampshade light transmittance is low (only with 80 89) and can see the point of the defects of the source; 2, transparent PC ribbed or matte powder with low transmittance (only use 80 89) and can see the point light source defects.

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