Two Ways For Glass Companies: Intelligent Production Increase And Green Synergy

- Aug 06, 2018 -

Intelligentization boosts production capacity


The company's main car sedan front, tempered rear / side windows, triangular windows, skylights, bus front, bulletproof glass and other car sets of automotive glass.


We saw in the production workshop of the company that there were not a few workers in the large workshop. The loading, handling and edging of the glass were all done by a robot.


Since the relocation of the plant in the second half of last year, the company has invested 600 million yuan to implement technological transformation, promote the automation and intelligence of production equipment, and replace the labor with robots, realizing the "machine substitution."


Now the new work of the workers is based on their years of experience in edging workers, responsible for the strict quality control of the products processed by the robots, thus realizing the transition from operating workers to technical management talents.


"Machine substitution" is not the result of large-scale staff downsizing. Through technological transformation, the company has launched a number of new equipment and new production lines, which also brought new technical positions. Workers who have been busy on the assembly line have been transferred to new technology and management positions through training, which not only greatly reduces labor intensity and safety risks, but also ensures the stability of product quality.


In addition, the use of new equipment and new processes has greatly increased production efficiency. Take the company's self-developed side window glass automatic production line as an example. After this production line, the pre-processing steps of manual operation such as handling and polishing have all been automated. With this equipment, it only takes 3 seconds. Produce a side window glass.


Through the implementation of technological transformation, the company's total number of employees has remained unchanged, and the company's production capacity has doubled over the past, achieving the goal of producing 4 million sets of high-grade automotive glass annually.


Green activation activates new kinetic energy


In order to achieve a substantial increase in production capacity through technological innovation, we must also take a green, low-carbon, and circular sustainable development path to promote high-quality development of enterprises.


The green, low-carbon, and cyclical development path runs through the entire production process of the enterprise.


The company actively explored the mode of low-carbon green development, focusing on technology, technology, equipment transformation and products, and achieved a double harvest of social and economic benefits.


We have adjusted the product formula to achieve the return of the defective products and scraps in the production process, making it a qualified raw material, thus realizing the recycling of 'waste' and eliminating the production of industrial waste such as waste residue.” In addition, the production of glass It is necessary to melt dolomite, limestone and other ingredients. The temperature of the furnace flue gas is as high as 530 ° C. If it is directly discharged, it may cause thermal pollution. To this end, the company invested more than 45 million yuan to build a glass-solvent kiln flue gas waste heat power generation project to recover high-temperature flue gas, and this alone has successfully reduced carbon dioxide emissions by about 46,000 tons and saved about 177,000 tons of standard coal. Not only that, the company will recycle electricity for production and use electricity, which can solve about 1/4 of the company's production electricity every year.


In recent years, the glass industry has been listed as an overcapacity industry by the state and has been eliminated by multiple rounds of production capacity. However, the gray glass and dark gray glass produced by Chongqing Wansheng Float Company are in short supply. Through structural adjustment, the company currently uses gray glass and dark gray glass with high technical content and good market reputation as the main products. The output of these two products accounts for about half of the company's annual output, mainly supplying more than ten domestic automobiles of Fuyao Group. The glass production base is used, and the supply is in short supply.


Intelligent + Green” promotes high quality development


In addition to the most basic safety features, a seemingly simple car glass hides many “green technologies”.


With the development of smart and environmentally friendly vehicles, the demand for smart car glass with various functions has also increased rapidly, and the company has also opened up the market with continuous product innovation to enhance the core competitiveness of the company.


Coated glass is one of our current main products. The glass is laminated glass, which is realized by plating a metal film layer between two layers of glass and then combining the sheets, and the technical content is very high. The coating layer not only enables basic functions such as UV blocking and light reflection, but also combines some practical functions in the driving of the car on the glass. For example, by heating the metal layer through the metal film layer, it is possible to quickly remove the frost on the front windshield and the mist in the rain and fog weather.


Through this coated glass, the HUD head-up display function can also be realized, and information that can only be displayed by the car video system and the dashboard is projected on the front windshield of the automobile. In this way, the driver does not have to do the "low-headed family" to look at the information on the dashboard, so that more energy is placed on the road surface observation to improve driving safety.

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