Three Objective Factors Affecting The Quality Of Screen Printing Products

- Jan 31, 2019 -

Three objective factors affecting the quality of screen printing products

1.Printing consumables

Paper, ink, plate and embossing solution have different properties, which will have a direct impact on printing. Before printing, we should grasp the performance and printing suitability of various consumables, avoid the factors that may affect the printing, and develop the characteristics that have a positive effect on printing. Many printing products have different requirements for printing effect. Some packaging and printing products require beautiful colors, while some books and periodicals require soft and non-dazzling colors. When choosing printing materials, attention should be paid to the user's needs for the effect of printing products, and various consumables suitable for printing should be found.

For example, when printing various kinds of labels, we should choose high-grade copperplate paper with high whiteness, good surface smoothness and good opacity for printing. In addition, some products need to be exposed outdoors for a long time. When choosing ink and paper, the sunshine resistance will be a performance index that needs special attention. Sometimes, when printing different kinds of products with offset printing, we should pay attention to it. Rubber cloth hardness requirements are also different, should be targeted to choose.

As long as we fully consider the existence of some external factors affecting product quality, give full play to advantages and overcome defects in production, we can improve the quality of printing products to a certain extent.

2. Printing Equipment

Including the normal operation rate of the relevant equipment in the production process, the input of various auxiliary equipment and whether the matching relationship meets the requirements will have a certain impact on the quality of printing products. Any book or package printing product is mostly processed by several or more processes, which include printing, binding, polishing, bronzing and so on. The operation of these processes is generally inseparable from the equipment. The quality of the equipment, the convenience of operation and whether the equipment used in the next process can better carry out the products produced by the equipment in the previous process. Processing and production, etc., will have a certain impact on the quality of printing products.

If the equipment often fails, it will not be able to fully play the functions of the equipment. Printing or semi-finished products processed by other processes will have various quality defects, which can not guarantee the final quality of the product, which is the key to ensure the normal operation rate of the equipment. In addition, some equipment in the use process for environmental and other objective factors are also required, when these requirements are not met will directly affect product quality, visible, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment is conducive to ensuring the quality of printed products.

3.Printing environment

Including the environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, dust and light in the production process of printing and other processes, these factors will affect the quality of printing products in each process. The change of environment will bring certain influence to printing. In offset printing, especially in flat offset printing, the change of ambient humidity will directly lead to water absorption or loss of paper, resulting in paper deformation, affecting the running of paper and overprinting in the printing process, and reducing the quality of printing products. The change of temperature and the size of dust in the printing environment will also affect the performance of ink and paper in offset printing. To some extent, it will affect the quality requirements of printing products such as ink drying and color uniformity, and reduce the quality of printing products in varying degrees.

Flexography and gravure-based packaging and printing methods are more sensitive to the changes of ambient temperature and humidity. Excessive temperature and low humidity are not conducive to the drying of ink (especially water-based ink), resulting in quality defects such as lithographic plate, brushing, and so on. Excessive dust will lead to improper printing and other quality defects in the printed products.

In the printing process and the process of printing products, we should try our best to ensure the constant temperature and humidity of the environment, reduce the dust in the air, so as to ensure the stability of the final printing product quality. In short, to ensure the stability of printing product quality, it is necessary to avoid the side effects of bad factors on printing quality in actual production and fully explore the promoting role of favorable factors. Only in this way can the stability of printing product quality be guaranteed.

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