The Development Foreground Of Glass Handicraft

- Jun 01, 2017 -

Glass crafts are generally divided into melting glass crafts, lamp work glass crafts, glazed crafts three categories, often as decorative materials or high-end business gifts. Glass Crafts subdivision refers to glass pendulum pendants, glass Christmas gifts, glass fruit series, glass squid series, glass Animal series, glass Candy series, Glass wine Bar series, glass vases, glass beads, glass candlestick, glass wire drawing pieces and other glass products. Production process: the production process of glass crafts is mostly handmade tire, carving, with the dewaxing casting method, through several times, pouring molding. such as lamp work glass crafts is a multicolored six-color glass rods as the main material, the use of oxygen and liquefied petroleum gas to the glass bar heating, so that the heated bar rapid melting, and then by the operator with pliers, blades and other small tools to shape the entire process of product operation. Today, people's taste is high, glass crafts also more and more people's pursuit, it for ordinary people's home decoration to enhance the taste and artistic sense. Venice is a famous origin of glass crafts, although glass works of art is a luxury of a few rich people, but in recent years, to Venice tourism Procurement of glass works of the Chinese soared, the Chinese purchase potential is huge, China's consumer market has great potential still need to be tapped. Furthermore, after the liquor plastic chemical agent turmoil, consumers gradually realize that the use of glass products is a healthy consumption, the use of glass products is a kind of enjoyment, glass crafts are not as perfect as the mechanism products, so there may be a small difference between the products, but this is their moving place.

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