The Application Of Glass In Modern Landscape Design

- Jun 26, 2017 -

   Glass has a mysterious and fantastic color of the special material, in the field of public art has been used for a long time. Landscape glass contains material, technology, science, art and many factors, showing both spiritual and material connotation. It has repeatedly caused people's interest, but also numerous times to arouse the inspiration of the genius. The diversity of glass varieties, determines its application in the environment will be more and more extensive, from the glass in the growing scientific and technological content, but also for the designer's inspiration to provide a more extensive creative space and possible. Glass compared to stone and brick, it can be regarded as a new type of garden materials. In recent years, with the vigorous development of the landscape, glass materials in the application of modern landscape is also more and more widely. Although the glass material has long been applied in traditional gardens, with the development of modern glass processing technology and structural technology, glass gradually with a variety of expressions presented in the landscape design, and bring the form of modern landscape design On the innovation.


   With the development of technology and designers continue to explore the material, the glass appears on the ground, with its own unique indifferent, transparent material properties, often the formation of unexpected visual effects and unique space mood. Ground glass due to the need to meet the wear, anti-skid, sturdy and other requirements, so the use of tempered glass and glass mosaic. Such as the experience of the Osaka port near the experience of the aquarium, looked from the entrance, green glass ground channel, like a water, from the building entrance slowly shed. Come near to see the design of a more rich level, stand on the channel down to see, transparent glass under the ground, the water gurgling and over. Reminiscent of the winter just frozen river. Walking in the top of the glass and water, forming a tread of thin ice visual effects. But also the use of glass mosaic paired out of different pavement patterns, creating a special ground landscape.


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