Solid Glass Ball Exercises Finger Flexibility

- Sep 05, 2017 -

    How does the colored glass ball help the crowd to enhance the flexibility of the finger?Many people buy glass balls do not know what the glass ball can do, of course, even if you put them on the table is also nice crystal clear. But can not the glass ball help people exercise your fingers?


   We recommend two ways to exercise finger muscles, one is to slightly larger glass ball single hand two to three in the hands, in accordance with the clockwise rotation back and forth, 10 minutes after the replacement of counterclockwise rotation. Another way a little more difficult, more than 10 pieces of glass balls into the bowl, in the bowl into the water, with chopsticks glass ball one by one folder out.These methods can fully make the hand muscles to move up and enhance the coordination of the hand and the brain, so that sense of control enhanced.However, in the course of the game, for younger friends we recommend parents to accompany training, because our color glass ball looks good like candy, to avoid the child is also very important to swallow.

    Glass ball with a mystery, we can produce a variety of colors of glass ball in order to perfect the appearance and crystal clear gloss.If you are interested in our glass crystle ball,you can view more on our network.

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