Selection Of Glass For Home Improvement

- Jun 01, 2017 -

First, ordinary flat glass: 1, 3-4 glass, mm in the daily also known as the. What we call the 3 glass is the glass of 3mm thickness. This specification of glass is mainly used for frame surfaces. 2, 5-6 glass, mainly used for external wall windows, doors and other small areas of light transmission modelling and so on 3, 7 glass, mainly for indoor screens, such as larger areas but also with frame protection. 4, 9-10 glass, can be used in indoor large area partition, bar and other renovation projects. 5, 11-12 glass, can be used in the spring glass door and some activities of the larger cut off. 6, 15 of the above glass, generally on the market less sales, often need to order, mainly for a large area of the spring glass door outside the wall of the whole glass wall. Second, other glass: 1, tempered glass. It is a kind of prestressed glass which is processed by ordinary flat glass. Tempered glass is relative to ordinary flat glass, have two characteristics: 1 The former strength is several times of the latter, the tensile degree is more than 3 times times the latter, and the impact is more than 5 times times the latter. 2 tempered glass can not be easily broken, even if broken will be without sharp-angle granular form of fragmentation, damage to the human body greatly reduced. 2. Frosted Glass. It is also in the ordinary flat glass on top of grinding sand. The general thickness of more than 9 pct, with 5, 6 thickness.

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