Selection Method Of Soundproof Glass Windows

- Jun 01, 2017 -

1, soundproof window material choice: glass material of soundproof window is divided into ordinary glass, insulating glass, laminated insulating glass and vacuum glass, the sound insulation effect of the glass is best, because the vacuum glass is separated by two pieces of glass. And take time to the middle of the air, glass between the formation of a vacuum layer, the application of sound can not be transmitted in the vacuum of the principle of sound insulation, so no matter what kind of noise can not be passed through the glass into the house; insulating Glass can only isolate high-frequency or less energy noise, Noise of low frequency or energy is not very good, the effect of insulating glass is general, but the safety is very high and it is not easy to break. 2, soundproof glass window frame selection: To sound insulation effect for the consideration, aluminum alloy windows and plastic windows are good, aluminum alloy windows easy to install, affordable, is widely used, but the ordinary type of aluminum alloy window pulling when the sound is larger, and heat conduction faster. After the long-term use of sealing will gradually reduce, the impact of late use of the new Bridge Aluminum alloy window can make up for these shortcomings. 3, soundproof window-sealing choice: Sealing refers to the degree of sealing windows, including glass and the Border seal. Close the rear border of the window and seal the frame and seal the windows and wall after installation, which together affect the sealing performance of the Windows. and determine the degree of sealing the window is the seal, the current market on the main sealing strip, one is the wool seal, the other is rubber seal. The wool seal strip and the rubber seal strip each have the shortcoming, the woolen seal strip after the long time easy hair removal, greatly reduces the sealing effect, but the rubber seal after the wind blows the sun and rain to harden the aging, also reduced its sealing effect.

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