Pay Attention To The Maintenance Of Mosaic Brick

- Sep 01, 2017 -

Home decoration is often easy decoration, maintenance is difficult, if improper maintenance will come to naught, mosaic is the same, if the dedication after paving because of improper maintenance and affected, it is not worth the candle, but the impact of small, small need to work, Mosaic post-mortem product protection and daily maintenance is very important.


First, the mosaic paving the finished product conservation

1, check the details: to be all the wall paving finished, the end of the adhesive layer after the end, after the completion of the hook, and then do a check, will be left in the cracks in the sand can be used clean and wet soft brush gently out, Go beyond the sub-grid points to use 1: 1 cement mortar hook hook, and then wipe the cloth. When the adhesive layer and paste the mortar after the final finish cleaning.

2, do dry: mosaic paving completed, we should pay attention to the protection of finished products, can be properly dried. In the newly laid surface should avoid sun exposure, the room should be properly ventilated,and it has been maintained until the 24 hours after the transfer, the general post-mosaic of the post-maintenance should be no less than 7 days.

3, clean: When the adhesive layer and hook mortar after the final setting, you can start cleaning the mosaic surface. Cleaning work need to prepare two barrels, a new cleaning agent, a clean water, first installed in the detergent inside the bucket wet wipe, do not wring dry, and then circular motion to wipe the mosaic surface: and then in the second One with a clean bucket inside the wet sponge, and then sponge rub the surface of the mosaic, wipe all the residue. Finally, once again with a sponge to clean the surface until the clean so far.

Second, the daily cleaning of mosaic

You can use clean water and absorbent cotton cloth clean. Because the mosaic surface is relatively smooth, not easy to filth, so when the cleaning is also very convenient. In addition, you can also use a neutral brightener to wipe, which will help the mosaic surface to keep bright.

Third, the daily maintenance of mosaic

On the mosaic wall of the daily maintenance of the need to pay attention to the point, one need to prevent heavy objects impact; Second, if there are mosaic off, missing, need to use the same species of mosaic adhesive; three daily attention in a timely manner clean, clear, must be cleaned once a week.

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