Overview Of Terrazzo, Advantages

- Nov 24, 2018 -

Terrazzo (also known as grinding stone) is a kind of product which is made by mixing aggregate such as crushed stone, glass, quartz stone into cement binder and then grinding and polishing the surface. The terrazzo made of cement binder is called inorganic terrazzo, and the terrazzo made of epoxy binder is also called epoxy terrazzo or organic terrazzo. According to the construction technology, terrazzo is divided into on-site pouring terrazzo and prefabricated plate terrazzo floor.

The traditional terrazzo has the unique advantages of low cost, arbitrary color matching and convenient construction.

Terrazzo advantages

Coloured Stones for Terrazzo (Colorful Stones, Stone Rice)

Coloured Stones for Terrazzo (Colorful Stones, Stone Rice)

(1) High-grade terrazzo (also known as commercial terrazzo) surface brightness treatment, high brightness up to 70-90 degrees, dust-proof and skid-proof marble quality.

(2) The wear-resistant terrazzo and its surface hardness can reach 6-8 grades.

(3) Split or prefabricated terrazzo, can be spliced at will, color can be customized preparation.

(4) The new terrazzo does not crack, is not afraid of rolling by heavy trucks, is not afraid of dragging heavy objects, does not shrink and deform.

(5) Dust-free, high cleanliness; cleanliness to meet the pharmaceutical, chip manufacturing and other high-clean environment requirements.

(6) Inorganic terrazzo is non-flammable, non-flammable, anti-aging, anti-fouling, anti-corrosion, no odor and no pollution.

Crystal Magic Stone-Terrazzo

Crystal Magic Stone-Terrazzo 

(7) Bright and bright color, if need to improve the bright polishing floor wax or crystallization, (does not affect its anti-static performance), hardening wear-resistant millstone, without waxing can also maintain long-term gorgeous.

(8) The existing terrazzo decorative grid bar is horizontal and vertical, there is no gap between the grid bar, the connection is dense, the overall aesthetic is good; commercial terrazzo can be arbitrarily designed patterns to achieve beautiful decorative effect.

Mechanical properties

(1) Gloss: 60-95;

(2) compression (N/cm2): > 2744;

(3) Bending resistance (N/cm2): > 490;

(4) Strength: greater than 75-100\;

(5) Wear resistance: when 500g is greater than 8000 rotations, no obvious wear;

(6) Dusting property: <1mg/cm2. 

Overview of terrazzo

(1) The emergence of new terrazzo makes traditional terrazzo floor tiles almost face bankruptcy.

(2) The life cycle of organic terrazzo is generally 20-40 years; inorganic terrazzo can live the same life as building.

(3) Seamless splicing of terrazzo avoids hiding dirt and dirt.

(4) AJS crystallization or hardening, easy operation, low cost, satisfactory results.

Because of the above reasons, people usually think that terrazzo is a medium and high-grade ground decoration material.

However, the traditional construction technology causes the terrazzo floor to be very rough, dirty and dirty, and even dirty before it is put into use, which seriously hinders the daily sanitation and cleaning. However, with the passage of time, the practical use has encountered very prominent problems: stains, dim and dull. How to restore the original beauty of weathered and abrasive terrazzo is an urgent problem to be solved in the construction and decoration industry.

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