Overview Of Glass

- Jun 01, 2017 -

Melt the glass, add a variety of colors, in the mold cooling molding, colorful. The decorative effect is strong. But the area is very small, the price is more expensive. Unique style, rich and beautiful patterns, flexible changes in the grain, or ancient oriental charm, or western romantic feelings. The artist makes full use of the concave and the most textured colors of the natural glass, creating a pleasing atmosphere of harmony, burning the seductive fragrance. Behind the simple lines, grasp the trend of fashion, enjoy the transcendent self, the new era of style in the process of performance incisively and vividly, glazed glass for the modern home to inject new vitality, with a glass of glazed, installed on a wall, Xuanwu, your life immediately become elegant gorgeous, into the new realm of life. Art Glass is the carrier of glass, plus some arts and crafts to make the reality, feelings and ideals are reproduced, and then combined with the imagination to achieve the aesthetic subject and aesthetic object of the object of a mutually-targeted objects. Specifically, art glass is a reflection of the spiritual world in people's real life, and also an organic product of the comprehensive psychological activities of artists such as perception, emotion, ideals and ideas. The art glass in the broad sense covers all glass products, which embody design concepts and artistic effects, including artwork, handicrafts and decorations, and so on, while the narrow art glass refers only to works of art.

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