Is Your Home Swimming Pool Interesting? Interesting Pool Glass

- Sep 16, 2017 -

    Said a lot of landscape glass in front, so today we talk about the glass inside the glass inside the landscape. Now the home pool are all into the field of vision, is your home pool cool enough? Does your home pool have color personality?You do not have pool glass beads to decorate the pool on the back!

   Pool glass can give your pool an unexpected blue, dark blue, light blue, multi-color pattern combination can make your home pool no longer boring.Pool glass beads we can do 2-4mm and other different requirements, you can splice different patterns to decorate.If you want to decorate the chronology, you can also use the pool mosaic glass to create retro style.Then let us come to enjoy some of the style of the pool after the glass decoration it.


  The swimming pool was chosen to lay a thin layer of blue sky at the bottom of the glass. Under the sun, the swimming pool blue glass reflected the dazzling light and the water waves in the pool echoed each other, and the color was very nice to enhance the value of the pool.The following is the cobalt blue swimming pool irregular iridescent glass beads.


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