Have You Ever Seen Such A Glass Mosaic?

- Aug 24, 2017 -

Glass mosaic, also known as glass tiles or cellophane tiles, that is a small size of the color finishes glass. Appearance is colorless and transparent, coloring transparent, translucent, with gold, silver spots, patterns or stripes, more suitable for use in the bathroom wall and the ground.


First, to prevent heavy objects landing, glass mosaic is fragile items, even with high hardness, high strength, glass mosaic can not withstand the impact from time to time heavy. If there are broken pieces,that can be used with the same variety of mosaic paste.

Second, the glass mosaic surface stains, available general detergents, such as decontamination powder, washing powder, heavy dirt can also be used detergent washing.

Third, the glass mosaic in the cold winter to pay attention to antifreeze, because the weather is cold and more easily broken.

In addition, but also to avoid children with hard objects to scratch, if there is some scratches, then you can use dry cloth plus toothpaste can be wiped. In addition, mosaic decorative strong: mosaic use of puzzles in the form of strengthening its decorative, very rich material and color changes in the decoration of the interior space, you can do other decorative materials, decorative materials, but also a large area of the use of production mosaic Backdrop; can use the mosaic brick color gradient, can also use a variety of geometric arrangement, with its rich pattern gives the impact, beauty.

Mosaic abrasion resistance: mosaic of the main raw materials are mostly natural stone, in its wear resistance, is the tiles and wood flooring and other decorative materials can not be compared. Due to mosaic brick between the small particles of each gap, the formation of its resistance to stress than other decorative materials more advantages.

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