Guardian Glass North America Publishes Environmental Product Declarations & Health Product Declaration

- Mar 30, 2018 -

The flat glass and processed glass products of the guardian glass North American publishing environmental product declaration (EPD) are produced in the North American seven float plant.

The guardian glass also has a updated version of the health product statement (HPD) version 2.1 of the flat and processed glass produced in the North America.

The guardian glass statement is based on the ISO 14025 environmental product statement that can help building projects to earn two LEED% V4 credits.

"Guarding glass is committed to the efficient use of natural resources, the safe operation of protection, the health and well-being of our employees, customers, environment and society," Rick Zoulek said, vice president of America, the guardian glass. "Continue to work, and we support architects and designers trying to understand the sustainable development of the buildings they have designed through these EPDS and HPD.

The goal of guardian glass is to provide value for building teams by providing information that meets the needs of transparency and sustainability, and obtaining credits in the global green building rating system.

The EPA is a standardized method for quantifying the impact of products or systems on the environment. EPDS has carried out validation and registration documents to communicate the life cycle environmental impact information of a transparent and comparable product. HPDS discloses potential chemicals related products according to the declaration standard of health products, which provides a consistent report format to improve product quality and usability of content and health information.

Including the protection from low iron glass set of unprocessed products such as the guardian of transparent from the guardian of flat glass EPD, transparent and tinted glass. Processing glass EPD coating, heat treatment and / or texture products, from protecting the showerguard and the coated glass of the products such as the exterior wall glass production line of the Climaguard and the indoor glass, etc. Each EPD and HPD contains a fully covered list of products.

The development of these documents by the guardian includes the review and approval of the UL environment. This is a global service that enhances the trustworthiness of the sustainable product claims through strong authentication, verification and testing services.

"Through the UL environment, the declaration of environmental products, the commitment to protect the signal management and sustainable development of glass," said Alberto Uggetti, vice president and general manager of UL environment.

Parents can be on the glass EPDS and the HPD Guardian glass website and the UL environment website.

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