Glass Mosaic Of The Purchase And Paste Method

- Aug 16, 2017 -

Glass mosaic is also called glass tiles or cellophane tiles. It is a small size of the color finishes glass. It is the most secure building materials, it is made of natural minerals and glass, light weight, and that is an outstanding environmental materials. Zero water absorption, non-acid and other chemical corrosion, is the most suitable for decoration near the water area of building materials.That can be used to decorate the bathroom, bathroom, swimming pool, fountain, landscape pool and so on. Colorful bright, never fade, small size, and it is the production of art puzzles and mosaics of the best materials. The use of different colors of mosaic can be designed to produce the most complex puzzles, such as the design of the bottom of the pool with a computer design.


According to the national standard (GB / T7697-1996), glass mosaic (Glass Mosaic) can be divided into:

1.Melt glass mosaic: silicate and other as the main raw material, melting at high temperatures and was opaque or semi-opaque, containing a small amount of bubbles and non-melting particles of glass mosaic.

2.Sintered glass mosaic: glass powder as the main raw material, adding appropriate amount of binder and so on into a certain size of the green body; in a certain temperature sintered glass mosaic.

3.Venus Glass Mosaic: contains a small amount of bubbles and a certain amount of metal crystal particles, with a clear light flashing glass mosaic.

Glass mosaic Paste method

(1) basic processing. Will be on the wall of loose concrete, mortar and other debris clean up, make up the foot of the eye, watering wet walls. Stratified with cement mortar bottoming, mortar should be made with a scratch and press the punching surface, and then rubbed with a wooden trowel. Yin and yang angle must be wiped vertical, Founder, smooth. In case of dry weather, should sprinkle water conservation grassroots.

(2)draw the grid. Glass mosaics such as the design of horizontal and vertical sub-grid joints, generally according to the size of each 308 mm × 308 mm, the gap between the 2 mm, the layout modulus of 310 mm. Each piece of mosaic back to the size of about 18 mm × 18 mm, inter-grain gap of 2 mm, each patch number can be taken as 20 mm. For the window wall, if the size of the row after the full number of mantissa can not be 20 mm divisible, the last row of mosaic can not go down, only through the sub-grid joints to adjust.

(3) wiping the bonding layer. The wall to find a layer of sprinkler moist, brush once a water slurry, with the brush with the bonding layer.

(4) playing powder line. In the binding layer on the powder line. Generally each square to quadruple mosaic is appropriate

(5) Scraper closure. The mosaic paste surface tile on the board, with iron trowel to the slurry into the mosaic gap, to fill the gap and then scraping a layer of 1 to 2 mm thick cement slurry adhesive layer. If the shop is white or light-colored mosaic, the adhesive layer and the caulked slurry should be made with white cement.

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