Crystal Glass Mosaic Features And Practical Applications

- Aug 04, 2017 -

Crystal glass mosaic is a high whiteness of the flat glass, after high temperature re-processing, melting into a variety of colors and specifications of the mosaic. that has many  characteristics :Non-toxic, non-radioactive elements, alkali,acid-proof, temperature, wear, water, high hardness, do not fade for decorative materials on many strict requirements almost it can be achieved. At the same time because of the special nature of the glass, crystal clear, bright and clean, colorful, so in the decoration can fully demonstrate the beautiful glass art elegant, in different lighting effects produce rich stereo vision. Hundreds of colors and a variety of square, rectangular, diamond, round, shaped and other sizes of different specifications, as well as flat, curved, straight edge, round edge, in the design of modeling to do their own imagination can play Infinite combination of beautiful space.

Charm features

Crystal glass mosaic is so many countries by different colors of people's favorite, and can quickly popular in the decoration of the industry, swept the world of cities, it is because it has its own unique charm and charm. Crystal glass mosaic is not the kind of easy to fall off, not wearable, color monotonous ceramic mosaic, is not the kind of radioactive marble mosaic, but not the kind of can only be limited to the external walls of the ordinary glass mosaic. It can never change their own bright colors, crystal-like crystal clear to seize the viewer's visual focus, as the decoration of the princes. Enumerations of many guest rooms in the bathroom, most of the previous tiles or ceramic mosaic to do the decoration, often a year later left the traces of yellowing, giving a feeling of old unsanitary, and people stay in the hotel are more notice are Toilet clean and clean, thus affecting the business, but also affect the hotel star rating, since many of the hotel bathroom with crystal glass mosaic after renovation, because of its zero water absorption, so that it will never yellow, and its Yi Jie characteristics of water can be washed as new, and give a high sense of luxury, which is brilliant and elegant crystal glass mosaic charm.

Practical application

Now the crystal glass mosaic has been widely used in: hotels, restaurants, halls, dance halls, terraces, walls, swimming pools, fountains, baths, stadiums, kitchens, toilets, living rooms, balconies and corporate image. As the crystal glass mosaic of the zero water absorption, making it the most suitable swimming pool, bathroom, kitchen and other wall, the ground decoration, and because mosaic small size, you can spell a variety of colors of beautiful color, gradient, pattern. A friend told me that his living room in the living room with a large tiles to the ground at the same time, with crystal glass mosaic to do embellishment, that not only have characteristics,also  adding a luxury and elegant.

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