Artificial Plastic Luminescent Stone

Artificial Plastic Luminescent Stone

The products are mainly used for decorating vases and aquariums, gardening decoration, swimming pool decoration, bar decoration, villas gardening, children playing games and so on.

Product Details

Product uses:

The products are mainly used for decorating vases and aquariums, gardening decoration, swimming pool decoration, bar decoration, villas gardening, children playing games and so on.


Main raw materials:

Rare earth long afterglow noctilucent powder, polystyrene resin

1. Noctilucent Powder

It is a high-tech self-luminescent product of alkaline earth aluminate and silicate activated by rare earth metal elements. It does not contain any radioactive elements and has a temperature resistance of about 800 degrees. Its function is to absorb and store light, to absorb light in bright places (more than half an hour), and to emit light in dark places. Short wave visible light with wavelength less than 450 nanometers has strong absorption ability. By absorbing various natural or artificial light, it can realize self-luminescence function in dark state, and can be recycled indefinitely. The luminous material has a high initial brightness of more than 2-3 hours, a smooth shoulder luminous curve and an afterglow lasting time of 8-10. More than hour. The luminescence time and luminosity of long afterglow night glow powder are more than 10 times higher than that of traditional zinc sulfide light storage powder, and it can absorb sunlight and ultraviolet light quickly, and can be recycled for infinite times.

2. Polystyrene resin (see Baidu Encyclopedia for details)

Polystyrene (PS) is a kind of polymer synthesized by free radical addition of styrene monomers. Its Japanese name is 125. It is a colorless, transparent thermoplastic, with a glass transition temperature above 100 degrees. Therefore, it is often used to produce disposable containers that require temperature of boiling water, and disposable foam lunch boxes. Ordinary polystyrene resin belongs to amorphous macromolecule polymer. The side group of polystyrene macromolecule chain is benzene ring. The random arrangement of large side group is benzene ring determines the physical and chemical properties of polystyrene, such as high transparency, high rigidity, high glass transition temperature and brittleness. EPS is made of low boiling point physical foaming agent impregnated in ordinary polystyrene. It is heated and foamed during processing, and is specially used for making foamed plastics products. High impact polystyrene is a copolymer of styrene and butadiene, butadiene is a dispersed phase, which improves the impact strength of the material, but the product is opaque. Syndiotactic polystyrene is a new type of polystyrene with syndiotactic structure and metallocene catalyst. It has good properties and belongs to environmental protection engineering plastics.

Packaging method

Bulk (25KG in a woven bag), bag (1000G, 500G, 100G in a small bag), box. According to customer requirements, LOGO, bar code and so on can be affixed outside the packaging.

Please specify the color of the shipment. It can be mixed or clear.

The luminous stones produced by our company are exported to the United States, Australia, Russia and European countries, and are well received by foreign customers.

Product Number (the following dimensions and weights are the reference values)

Size: about 2-3CM

Weight: about 2.3-3.5 grams

Because of the irregular shape of the stones, the above sizes are only visual maximum and the weight of the samples is gram. The data are for reference only.




Luminous principle:

The luminous principle of night-light stones is that the products can absorb and store energy after being stimulated by visible light such as sunlight and lamp. They can not only glow naturally in the dark for a long time, but also repeatedly absorb light and emit light, with a life span of more than 15 years

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