Wholesale Safe  Glass Gravel Landscape Mulch Rock Material China Supplier

Wholesale Safe Glass Gravel Landscape Mulch Rock Material China Supplier

The glass we sell has been smashed, and there is a frosted or round edge that is safe and friendly.We produce all kinds of glass stone: transparent, multicolored, mirror reflective, high temperature resistant, etc.Our customers are eager to use it in different places and products.Its increasingly popular use is to beautify the landscape and decorate our home walls, pools, paths, gardens, stoves.If you are looking for a wonderful material, please select all kinds of glass stone we supply. I am sure there is one suitable for you.If you have any questions, please call.

Product Details

1. Product introduction of the safe glass rock landscape material

This safe glass rock landscape material is made of broken glass, which is made safe by grinding, chamfering and so on.You can walk on it barefoot, without worrying that it will hurt you.This wholesale safe yellow glass rock is clean, dry, easy to clean, will never fade, sunshine or light shine on the soft light, seems to be alive.Glass gravel or mulch is a beautiful and practical landscape material.This wholesale safe yellow glass gravel is a festive alternative to the garden, rather than using pea gravel or the dull rock of a marble.

2.Product parameter(specification) of the wholesale safe yellow glass rock


Recycled Glass

Size9-12mm,12-20mm,20-30mm,other size is available as per requirement
CertificateISO 9001:2008
AdvantageVery dry, clean, no impurity

3.Product qualification of the yellow glass gravel china supplier

With over 20 years’experience in glass field,Dragon Deco Glass(DDG) forward their high quality glass to customers around the world ever since 2002.

To be evergreen,at ,Dragon Deco Glass(DDG), we strive to achieve excellence in everything we do, including: using the best quality materials, employing state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, implementing stringent quality controls and recruiting the best people to man all the processes. We have obtained iso9001:2008 certification, our efforts and strength have been internationally recognized. We leave no stone unturned in our quest to be the very best!

4. Deliver,shipping and serving of the wholesale safe glass rock china supplier

Port: Qingdao

Payment terms: LC at sight, TT(30% deposit in advance, 70% balance against of the B/L copy).

Delivery: Within 2 weeks after received the receipt of advance payment.

Packaging: We mostly package in 50 lb bags. Alternatively, we package in 10 lb and 25 lb bags. The pricing varies by packaging. Can also be customized.


5. FAQ

1)Q: What is the difference between "terrazzo" and "landscape" glass?

   A: Size. Terrazzo glass and landscape glass are the same glass, just in different sizes. The smaller glass is called "terrazzo" simply because it‘s commonly used in terrazzo floors, terrazzo concrete countertops, terrazzo tiles, and the like. The larger glass is called "landscape" simply because it‘s most commonly used as tumbled landscape glass mulch, as groundcover, as water feature accents, and the like. You‘re free to use terrazzo and landscape glass in any application you deem appropriate. Fire pit users frequently use landscape glass size small and medium . Aquarium users use terrazzo glass as a gravel replacement and the landscape rocks as accents. Mix and match.

2)Q: Can I get some samples in advance of an order?

   A: Absolutely. However, we will charge the sample fee as required, but if you place an order, we will deduct the sample fee in the total amount of the order.

3)Q: What size of glass should I use for my fire pit or fireplace?

   A: We recommend landscape size small and medium.

4)Q: How much do I need?

   A: In general, you need 7 lbs of glass per square foot for a one inch depth of glass. That is, if you want to cover a 20 square foot area with one inch of glass, you‘ll need 140 lbs. If you want to cover 20 square feet with a two inch depth, you‘ll need 280 lbs. We generally recommend a one inch depth for groundcover using size "medium". For "large" size landscaping glass, you‘ll need 10-14 lbs per square feet given that the glass is 1 to 2 inches in size (and depth). For fireglass, a standard fire place is roughly 2 ft x 2 ft requiring 50 lbs of glass. For aquariums, we recommend 1.5 lbs per gallon. For seeding concrete countertops or decorative concrete flatwork, we recommend 1.25 lbs per square foot (resulting in a 70-80% coverage).

5)Q: How do you package and ship the glass?

   A: We mostly package in 50 lb bags. Alternatively, we package in 10 lb and 25 lb bags. The pricing varies by packaging. Can also be customized.

We are one of the leading Landscape Glass manufacturers and suppliers in China. If you are interested in our wholesale safe glass gravel landscape mulch rock material china supplier, welcome to buy the quality glass products made in China from our factory. Cheap and low price and excellent service are available.


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