Low melting point glass powder product instructions

- Nov 24, 2017 -


Percentage %
BBQ, fireplace, gas stove and burner high temperature metal paint55-70
Glass-ceramic, quartz glass, and special glass of high temperature paint and high temperature ink55-70
Special seal electrode carrier material35-45
For high temperature flame retardant silicone rubber, flame retardant rubber and flame retardant plastic parts manufacturing8-15
For high temperature flame retardant resin35-65
For lightning protection engineering and electrical breakdown materials45-60
For the transmission of high voltage insulation and electrical breakdown materials35-60
Used for buffing the sintered material of the polishing material35-50
For special handicrafts, artificial diamonds and special glass pieces of the main raw materials85-95
For drug carriers and industrial catalyst carrier materials35-70
Electronic transparent packaging materials and high temperature inorganic solvent materials100
For low temperature ceramic glaze raw materials55-70
Used in refractory materials as a transitional bonding material25-40
For special optical instruments and chemical equipment components65-90

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