In high temperature coatings, paints and inks using the low melting glass powder

- Nov 24, 2017 -

In high temperature coatings, paints and inks using the product:

High-temperature coatings, paints and inks, and conventional coatings, paints and inks are not significantly affected by processes or methods such as spraying, brushing, roller coating, screen printing and roll printing after the coated / painted / printed workpieces have been completely pretreated Difference; only in the curing methods and methods are different, the traditional coatings, paints and inks are used at room temperature self-crosslinking / reaction curing, heating to 60 ~ 180 degrees C curing and AB two-component reaction curing; Paint, paint and ink products need to absorb enough heat and a certain melting process can be achieved, usually using a tunnel furnace, the process temperature is set at 480 to 700 degrees Celsius melting after curing.

Low-temperature melting glass powder in high temperature coatings, paints and inks products application, should be designed by the laboratory test small recipe and process through a small test. Large production in strict accordance with the established formula and process fine-tuning implementation. Two kinds of water-dispersible system and oily system under large-scale formula design are added by first adding water or solvent, then dropping into low-temperature molten glass powder, pigment, anti-settling agent and a very small amount of low-carbon high-viscosity resin, The resulting product (if necessary with multi-roller equipment or sanding equipment to produce better).

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