Hot Melt Glass

- Jun 01, 2017 -

Hot Melt glass is also called crystal Stereoscopic Art Glass, with its unique decorative effect become the design unit, Glass plus industry owners, decorative decoration owner focus. Hot-melt glass across the existing glass form, fully display the designers and processors of the artistic conception, the modern or classical art form into the glass, so that flat glass processing a variety of concave and convex, color of different artistic effects. Hot-melt glass products, there are already hot melt glass bricks, windows and doors with hot melt glass, large wall embedded glass, partition glass, an integrated bathroom glass washbasin, finished mirror frame, glass artwork, etc., the application of the scope of its unique glass material and artistic effect is very extensive. Hot-melt glass is a special hot melting furnace to plate glass and inorganic pigment as the main raw materials, set a specific heating procedures and annealing curve, heating to the glass softening point above, by a special molding die molding withdrawal Retreat fire, if necessary, then carving, drilling, repair and other post-processing processes.

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