New Arrival Natural Paving Cobblestone Landscaping Granite Pebble

New Arrival Natural Paving Cobblestone Landscaping Granite Pebble

Green Construction Road and Bridge crushed stone chips

Product Details

New arrival natural paving cobblestone landscaping granite pebble

Product name:New arrival natural paving cobblestone landscaping granite pebbleUsage:Landscaping
Colours:black/red/white/yellow/mixed/greenDelivery:5 days/container
Material:marble stonePacking:PVC bags/Tonne Bags/Pallets
Output:50000 tons/yearMOQ:1 ton

1. Adhesive permeable permeable stone advantages of pervious floor:

1) Natural Beauty - The texture and color of natural color stone, the consistent accumulation and distribution, and the flat and three-dimensional surface give the landscape ground an unparalleled natural effect.

2 )Flexible pattern - Arbitrarily match color stones with different colors, textures and sizes, and copy the pattern on the drawings to the ground.

3 )Durable - The excellent wear resistance of specially designed polymer resin and natural color stone can provide long-term service life.

4 )Water Permeability and Environment Protection - The color stone is naturally stacked after bonding, and the pores are evenly distributed. It is a kind of water permeability rate in all permeable products.

5 )Easy to maintain - The non-abrasive surface treated with a surface protection agent builds permeable stone floors that require only occasional cleaning or rinsing.

6) widely used - 30mm thick can be used for roadways, roads and other common people and vehicles mixed 20mm thick, the base can be concrete, pervious concrete, asphalt, compaction rubble and so on.

2. Permeable floor adhesive permeable stone features:

The adhesive stone has the characteristics of good weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, water erosion resistance, wear resistance and impact resistance.

3. Permeable floor adhesive permeable stone specifications:

Water-permeable adhesive stone specifications 3-5mm, 4-6mm, 5-8mm, 6-9mm are commonly used specifications.

4. Separation:

Yellow, white, black, red, green, gray and other colors are ideal green building materials.

The terrazzo is ground and polished after the aggregate is mixed with a cement binder or an epoxy bonding material to form a coagulated product. The terrazzo made of cement bonding material is also a cement-based or inorganic grinding stone. The terrazzo made of epoxy bonding material is also called epoxy grinding stone or organic grinding stone. The terrazzo is divided into terrazzo according to the construction process. And prefabricated terrazzo.

Adhesive stone permeable pavement concrete construction contracting materials, construction team, to ensure the quality of service by the square charge, the more the square the more the price is cheaper!

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