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Tempered glass sheet is made by heating the sheet glass just below its softening temperature and then suddenly heating it with a stream of cold air. Tempered glass / Reinforced glass is obtained by cutting ordinary annealed glass to the required size and then heating it to about 700 ° C, which is near the softening point, for rapid and uniform cooling.

Product Details

Product Description

Tempered  glass with high impact strength (higher than ordinary flat glass 4 to 5 times), bending strength (5 times higher than ordinary flat glass), good thermal stability and smooth, transparent, can be cut and so on. In case of super shock damage, the debris was scattered fine granular, no sharp edges and corners, it is also known as safety glass.

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Product Parameter

Product Name

premium tempered glass

Tempered Glass Thickness


PVB Tickness (laminated tempered glass)



Minimum Size


Maximum Size


Colored  tempered glass

Clear, Ultra Clear, Grey, Light Grey, Euro Grey, Green, F-green, Blue,

Dark Blue, Ocean Blue, etc.                                              

Specifications of tempered glass panels

Clear float tempered glass, reflective tempered glass, tinted tempered glass,

low-E tempered glass, tempered pattern glass,

silk screen printed tempered glass.

Packing Details of tempered glass 

(1)Interlay paper or plastic between two sheets;

(2)Seaworthy wooden crates;

(3) Iron belt for consolidation.

Certification of tempered glass 


Supply ability

At least 900 square meters every day.

Applications of tempered glass  panels

 Glass partition, window and door,skylight,floor,sunroom, stair -steps,curtain wall, storefront, glass railing, pool fence, roofing,awning etc..


1.We are the first company to make this product in China;

2.Many styles for your choice;

3.All the glass are casting products to gurantee the quality;

4.All are our own design, easiler to install;

5.We will offer complete accessories and tools for your 

order, even screw is also included;

Delivery time15 days after order confirmed from tempered glass suppliers

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Product Uses


Flat tempered, curved Tempered Glass plates  is safety glass. Widely used in high-rise building windows and doors, glass curtain wall, indoor partition glass, ceiling lighting, tourism elevator access, furniture, glass fence and so on.



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tempered glass.jpg



Packaging & Shipping


1.  Separated by paper.

2.  Wooden creats lined with PE film and  PS buffer, plywood or fumigated wood.

3.  Buffer inside.

4.  Iron belt for strengthening.


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tempered glass.jpgtempered glass.jpg
tempered glass.jpg



        Our quality management to DIN ISO 9001 has been approved for years. We ship our glass products to worldwide more than 20 countries. With idea "Customer First, Sincere Service" in mind, Daixi Glass will try best to protect the rights and benefits of each customer.

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