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Insulating glass, also referred to as IGU, consists of two or more glass sheets separated by air and surrounded by spacers. Spacer desiccant eliminates moisture in the cavity. This makes the insulating glass energy-efficient. Insulating glass with Low-e coating improves performance. By filling the cavity with argon gas can further improve its thermal insulation effect.

Product Details

    Insulating glass consists of two or more than two pieces of glass, aluminum frame
separation and internal molecular sieve adsorbent full separation of a certain width of 
the space, with high-strength edge sealant glue into the glass composition.
You can choose according to the needs of ordinary transparent glass, colored glass, 
glass reflective coating, low emissivity glass, laminated glass, tempered glass and
bent glass as a hollow glass substrate.

Product Name

Insulated Glass sheet

Other name
hollow glass sheet




Minimum Size

180mm 350mm

Maximum Size

2500mm 3500mm


Clear, Blue, Green, Dark brown, etc.

Type of Sheet Glass

Float glass, Tinted glass, Coated glass, low-E glass, laminated   glass, tempered glass, heat bent glass.

Aluminum Strip Width

6 mm,9 mm,12 mm,15mm, etc.

Insulating Gas


Packing Details

1.Interlay paper or plastic between two sheets;

2.Seaworthy wooden crates;

3. Iron belt for consolidation.

Quality Standard



1) High visible light transmitting rate, low reflecting rate,   low radiating rate (e < 0.1).
  2)  Avoid the light pollution and build good ecological environment. 
  3) Control solar energy radiation effectively, block far infrared radiation,   save expenses of air conditioners in summer, save heating expenses in winter,   have good effect of heat preservation and energy saving. 

4) can be cut, bent, tempered, heat strengthened and laminated   without affecting the coating.


CCC (China Compulsory Certification) ;BS   EN14179-1:2005/BS6206:1981; CE EN12150-1:2000:   GB/T19001-200idtISO9001:2000,  AS/NZS 2208:1996

Construction Use

Glass Door, Curtain Wall Partition, Elevator, Showcase

Household Use

Sanitary glass, Cabinet, Furniture glass.


Clear, Ultra Clear, Various Green, Blue, Gray, Brown.

Delivery Time

About 7-20days


Seaworthy plywood case lined with plastic film and outer packing   consolidated by iron strap.


The thickness, size, color can be customer design.


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