Clear and Color Tempered Furniture Glass

tempered furniture glass refers to a kind of furniture, this kind of furniture generally adopts the high hardness of the reinforced glass and metal frame, the transparent clarity of glass is 4-5 times higher than ordinary glass. High hardness of the glass is strong and durable, can withstand the usual knock, touch, hit, pressure, fully able to withstand the same weight and wooden furniture.

Product Details

Furniture glass refers to a kind of furniture, this kind of furniture generally 
adopts the high hardness of the reinforced glass and metal frame, the transparent 
clarity of glass is 4-5 times higher than ordinary glass. High hardness of the 
glass is strong and durable, can withstand the usual knock, touch, hit, pressure, 
fully able to withstand the same weight and wooden furniture.

Tempered   Glass Thickness



Minimum Size:300mm×300mm 

Maximum Size:2440mm×5000mm

Color furniture glass

Clear furniture glass, and Ultra Clear, Grey, Light Grey, Euro Grey, Green, F-green, Blue,

Dark Blue, Ocean Blue, etc.     


Clear float tempered glass, reflective tempered glass, tinted tempered glass,

low-E tempered glass, tempered pattern glass,silk screen printed tempered glass.


Glass partition, window and door,skylight,floor,sunroom, stair -steps,curtain wall, storefront, glass railing, pool fence, roofing,awning etc..

Package of furniture glass

(1)Interlay paper or plastic between two sheets;

(2)Seaworthy wooden crates;

(3) Iron belt for consolidation.


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