Color Glass Beads Swimming Pool Finish

Color Glass Beads Swimming Pool Finish

Color Glass Beads Swimming Pool Finish Material :Recycled Glass Color :sea blue,cobalt blue ,turquoise,chestnut,amber,red,crystal,green,purple,black,white,etc. Size :1-3mm,2-4mm,3-6mm,other size is available as per requirement Shape :Irregular Odor :None Advantage :Very dry,...

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Color Glass Beads Swimming Pool Finish

Material:Recycled Glass

Color:sea blue,cobalt blue ,turquoise,chestnut,amber,red,crystal,green,purple,black,white,etc.

Size:1-3mm,2-4mm,3-6mm,other size is available as per requirement



Advantage:Very dry, clean, no impurity

Application:Swimming pool,wall decoration

Certificate:ISO 9001:2008

2-4 mm sea blue glass beads is always used for swimming pool. It is the most beautiful and durable pool interior on the market. Smooth and luxurious glass pool finishes.2-4 mm sea blue glass beads is one of the most color in Australia. It is suitable for various brands in Australia. For example,Beadcrete,Jewels 4 Pools,Pebble Technology,Wet Edge Technologies,etc. Other advantages of 2-4 mm sea blue glass beads that they won’t fade,easy to cleaning and very cost effective. It also can use in some wall and other decoration.



1.How does Pool Bead differ from your Pebble Stone?

Pebble Stone produces a natural stone finish whereas Pebble Bead combines clear retro reflective bead spheres, which will give a natural sheen to the pool water


2.Do you offer a range of colours of Pebble Bead?

Most UK pools to date have used Diamond which creates a natural sky blue water colour. Alternative colours are available to produce a deeper shade of blue or a pale blue-green or ebony blue to the pool water. we also offers an extensive range of special colours  samples are available on request.


3.Please describe your Pebble Bead product?

Pebble Bead is made from a premium blend of white cement, radiant white quartz sand, inorganic coloured oxides, colourfast quartz aggregate and silica spheres, which create an incredible light refraction in pool water.


4.Is Pebble Bead colourfast?

Pebble Bead does not use calcium based fillers which can leach from the pool interior and would require ongoing removal and maintenance. The higher density mix also dramatically reduces porosity to resist algae growth, improve hygiene and provide a rock-solid, durable surface, which is easy to clean.


5.How is Pebble Bead applied?

Pebble Bead will be rendered onto the walls and floor, including the pool freeboard (although this can be laid in stone, if preferred). The application is usually completed within two to three days and will fully waterproof the pool shell. We recommend that we are commissioned to complete waterplugging around pool fittings and underwater lights. The pool can be filled immediately.


6.How does Pebble Bead compare with pool tiling?

Although tiling has been the traditional method of pool finishing for many years in the world, grouting has a tendency to discolour and become impregnated with dirt. Pebble Bead uses no grout and so will remain colourfast and attractive for many years.


7.Is Pebble Bead suitable for pool renovating?

Absolutely! There are many pools in the UK which were constructed during the 1970s and 1980s using Marblite and glass mosaic tiled freeboard. Marblite often becomes discoloured and stained and the glass mosaic freeboard can look dated,  often with loose tiles as well! Subject to a secure substrate, Pebble Bead can be applied directly onto the existing surfaces and the pool appearance will be transformed in days.


8.Is Pebble Bead suitable for my new indoor pool?

Pebble Bead is particularly suitable for an indoor pool and ensures a light, reflective colour of pool water is achieved.


9.How does the cost of Pebble Bead compare with tiling?

Pebble Bead is a superior and technically exceptional product, which has been achieved after many years of diligent research. It will be found that the cost of Pebble Bead is comparable to the cost of a mid-range tiled pool, but the Pebble Bead effect will be sensational.

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